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See the special issue of the journal Pragmatics and Society!

Police interviews: Communication challenges and solutions (2019)

Edited by Luna Filipović
Publisher: John Benjamins, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Luna Filipović
Police interviews with suspects: Communication problems in evidence-gathering and possible solutions (pages 9-31)

Andreas Musolff
“You keep telling us different things, what do we believe?” – Meta-communication and meta-representation in police interviews (pages 33-49)

Carlos de Pablos-Ortega
“Would it be fair to say that you actively sought out material?” Mitigation and Aggravation in Police Investigative Interviews (pages 50-72)


Alberto Hijazo-Gascón
Translating accurately or sounding natural? The interpreters’ challenges due to semantic typology and the interpreting process (pages 73-96)

Gabrina Pounds
Rapport-building in suspects’ police interviews: the role of empathy and face (pages 97-124)

Lauren Wilson and David Walsh
Striving for impartiality: Conflicts of role, trust and emotion in interpreter-assisted police interviews (pages 125-150)

Further Key Readings

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Filipović, Luna and Abad Vergara, Suzanne (2018) Juggling investigation and interpretation: The problematic dual role of police officer-interpreter. Law and Language, 5 (1): 62-79.

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